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Thanks for your interest in joining our amazing instructor team! We currently have over 20 instructors from all walks of life... from legendary high school and middle school coaches, to radio DJ's, teachers from local school districts, firefighters, former sheriff's deputies, retirees, and more... and all of them have developed a passion for teaching teens to drive. Check out the information below, and if you think it's right for you, fill out the Interview Request form and we'll get back with you asap!  Thanks again!

Johnny Rowlands

Driving Instructor Position

Instructor Pay - $30 Per Hour

Instructors Set Own Schedule

(Schedule Requests Submitted One Month At A Time And Are Granted Per Vehicle Availability)

Initial Applicant Requirements

  • Must have a clean driving record, and be able to pass a basic physical, drug test, and background check

  • Must be willing to instruct a minimum of 40 hours (20 lessons) per month

  • Must possess and apply excellent communication and social skills when interacting with parents and students

  • Must accept the role as the student's advocate, and pledge to do whatever is needed to help the student succeed

  • Must have the ability to self-manage while working in an autonomous environment

  • Must be capable of completing necessary paperwork and maintaining student instruction files

  • Must possess a sense of decorum, and be able to maintain composure in the face of challenging situations

  • Must possess a good sense of humor, be good-natured, friendly, and outgoing

  • Must be non-judgemental, patient, understanding, and encouraging to students at all times

  • Must understand role as limited to driving instruction, and resist temptation to slip into a parental role

  • Applicants must be capable of conducting business calmly and professionally, while always treating others with mutual respect   

  • We are a no-drama company where everyone is upbeat, positive, friendly, and resilient!

About Kansas Drivers Ed

  • We are licensed by the State of Kansas as a Commercial Driving School, and act as an extension of the State Drivers License Exam Station by providing both the written and driving tests.

  • The State Regulations require us to provide 8-hours of class instruction, which we do in 1 eight-hour Classroom session, and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction, which we provide via 3 two-hour driving lessons.

  • Passing our course allows students to receive their license without any testing at the Drivers License Exam Station.


  • Driving instruction sedans are all Toyota Camry's, and the fleet can vary from 15-25 vehicles.

  • We also offer exclusive SUV training in a Toyota Highlander.

  • Vehicles are based at our South Overland Park location on 151st just east of 69 highway.

  • For the West and Prairie Village locations, vehicles are checked out at the South location driven to the driving lesson location.

  • All vehicles are equipped with an instructor side brake pedal.

  • For your protection, and peace of mind for the parents, all vehicles are equipped with a video camera which records a wide angle view of the student and instructor, as well as a full front view of the road ahead.

  • Vehicles are meticulously maintained by Burnett automotive, which includes scheduled oil changes and maintenance, and multi-point safety inspections.

  • Cars drive on the highest rated Goodyear tires.

Benefits Of Employment

  • Best pay of any Kansas commercial driving school in the area

  • Pay periods 2X a month

  • Instructors are employees with all taxes withheld

  • Instructors paid for 1/2 lessons for no-shows within the 48-hour cancelation period

  • Each vehicle has a dedicated fuel credit card via the Quik Trip Fleetmaster Program

  • Instructors each have access to their schedules via a portal in our scheduling system software

  • Students schedule first lesson online, with all subsequent lessons scheduled at the direction of instructor

  • Instructors receive automatic notification of all new students scheduling

  • Students receive automatic confirmation when scheduling and a reminder the day before lesson

  • We provide unparalleled instructor support

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